"The CDC Foundation's immense technology transformation over the past 4 years allowed us to effectively respond to the COVID pandemic by increasing fundraising by 209%, increasing donors and constituents by 345%, and increasing online transactions by 42,108%. None of this would have been possible without our technology transformation."

Judy Monroe

"Cynthia, the author of Crossing Meridians: Engineering Disruption to Become a More Effective Leader, discussed her leadership enrichment approach and how it can help leaders meet diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges presented in 2020."

Cynthia Hardy

"Scenario planning is a formal discipline. Create a few alternative futures that are relative to the future of your business. Flesh them out as stories. Then you say, what position are we in in each of those scenarios? How would we know which of those scenarios we're in? Then you're prepared before you competitors because you already know what scenario you're in."

Mark Schwartz

Ameen led an insightful discussion on how to drive business value with AI and machine learning. He detailed his experience of building an innovative AI system that drastically reduced returns (and the expenses associated with them) at Zappos.

Ameen Kazerouni