For more than 10 years, Allan Lubitz was a Senior Vice President at Mercury General Corporation serving as CIO, CDO, CISO, and Head of Innovation. Allan was responsible for establishing enterprise technology vision and leading the investments in customer-centric solutions, new product technology, global IT operations and more.

Allan Lubitz


Allen is a Senior Business and Technology Executive with a proven track record of financial acumen, technology transformation, and inspirational leadership. Delivers bottom line results as a key member of the senior leadership team in a complex, multi-brand, global organization. Highly regarded for consumer facing solutions that deliver competitive advantage.

Allen Fazio

Brett is an experienced and dynamic IT executive with over 28 years of experience applying technology solutions to business challenges. He is passionate about using his strengths in leadership, team building and project management to lead teams in successful delivery of exciting projects.

Brett Howard

Dave is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow as leaders. Through his affiliation with Vistage International, he convenes and facilitates groups of Business Owners, Company Presidents and Chief Executives dedicated to becoming better leaders who make better decisions and achieve better results.

Dave Kinnear

Jeff is a digital technology leader creating the future of brand product experiences. He helps define IT and technology strategy to lead his organization through complex and impactful digital transformation. His ability to form a clear vision, compartmentalize strategies, and guide his team make him a critical part of any leadership team.

Jeff Kuckenbaker

As Senior Vice President at Irvine Company, Julie was responsible for the overall performance and delivery of technology across the company. This includes leading and managing technology operations, infrastructure, security, project portfolio and business support functions, as well as leadership of the innovation team, which leverages emerging technology to drive product and process change.

Julie Sokol

Ken has a proven history of leading impactful technology initiatives at companies like SpaceX, Peak6 Investments, and e-Share. He clearly and precisely articulates a vision that marries business value with technical value to drive innovative solutions in dynamic business environments.

Ken Venner