8 Technologies That Will Shape 2021

Ashwin “Ash” Rangan oversees the day-to-day operations and formulates strategies for ICANN’s global teams of Engineers.  A part of his remit is to keep an eye on the technologies which shape the future.  With an eye on the next 10 years, Ash will be talking about 8 technologies – each of which has the potential to reshape or fundamentally change the Internet, as we know of it today.  For example – Quantum Computing, which has the potential to solve some of today’s thorniest problems – like Proteomics, for example.  But which also has the potential to “break the Internet”.


“Ash” Rangan serves as the SVP for Engineering and CIO with ICANN – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.  ICANN is the apex body at the intersection of policy-making and cutting-edge technologies which, together, shape the Internet.  ICANN is the sole organization responsible for the IP-addresses, domain names and protocol parameters which govern Internet behaviors globally.  It is uniquely chartered via a multi-stakeholder model (MSM).  The MSM is comprised of thousands of volunteers from around the globe.  Representation in the MSM include elected government officials, civil societies, security researchers, root-server operators, registries and registrars of domain names, country-code domain operators and IP-address providers.

Ash is an author, with 2 books to his credit, both available on Amazon.  He is a sought-after speaker, with many of his public speeches available on the Internet for viewing.  Ash serves on the Board of Smart Energy Water (SEW), an AI-based Unicorn shaping the use of technology in Utilities globally.  He also serves on the Board of GrandPad, a company reshaping the way in which senior citizens remain connected and engaged as they age, leveraging technologies.  Ash serves as Chair for the American Red Cross in Orange County.  Deepa – his wife – and he are benefactors of Cal State Fullerton’s Engineering school, where they have endowed #BLM Rangan Scholarships.

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